Working During Law School

Pro Se Promo 09Along with the American Bar Association, we recommend a full-time student refrain from working during the first year of law school. After you have completed your first year of law school, you must base the amount of outside employment hours on the number of credits being taken. If you plan to fund law school by working during law school, you may enroll as a part-time student and continue to work full-time.

Once admitted, you are required to complete a work statement form. This form certifies the number of hours you work or volunteer during the semester. If you are working or volunteering, the form must be signed by your employer/supervisor before it will be accepted by the registrar. Students enrolled full-time, whether in day or sunset, may only work up to 15 hours per week. Part-time students may work up to 40.

Contact the Office of Admissions or the Academic Services Center/Registrar for more information.

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