J.D./MBA Applicants

Oklahoma City University offers the simultaneous award of the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree by the School of Law and the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree by the Meinders School of Business. The degrees in law and business are designed to prepare students for careers in business and the legal profession.

J.D./MBA Application Process

Law students may apply to the Meinders School of Business at any time prior to the completion of their fifth semester of law school (if the student has taken summer classes, a summer semester counts as one-half of a semester).

Business students may apply to the School of Law at any time prior to completion of 12 credit hours of work in the Meinders School of Business. A Meinders School of Business student must begin law studies in the first August following his or her decision to pursue the joint degree program.

Once you have applied and been admitted to the School of Law, it is not necessary to complete a separate graduate school application. Instead, the GMAT may be waived, and the law school will forward a copy of your law school application,  your transcript, personal statement, resume, and letters of recommendation to the Graduate Admissions Office for consideration. Applicants must meet all admission requirements of Meinders School of Business.

If you wish to begin business courses prior to being admitted to the law school, you must apply separately through Graduate Admissions.

J.D./MBA Requirements

Students must complete a total of 114 credit hours as follows:

• 84 credit hours in the School of Law
• 30 credit hours in the Meinders School of Business

This compares with 90 hours normally required in the School of Law and 36 hours typically required in the Meinders School of Business, if the degrees are pursued separately.

Program candidates may begin business courses immediately upon admission. Summer classes are available. However, candidates must complete their first two semesters of law school (fall and spring) without interruption before taking additional business courses.

J.D./MBA Coursework

In the School of Law, candidates must complete all of the regular required courses, as well as Income Tax, Agency and Partnership, and Secured Transactions. In the Meinders School of Business, candidates are exempt from taking Legal Environment and International Transactions and Business Ethics in the MBA generalist track.

Grading Policy

GPA’s for J.D./MBA candidates will be calculated separately. Your law school GPA and rank will be determined based only on law school classes. You will receive a separate GPA for business coursework.

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