Student Organizations

Student organizations at Oklahoma City University School of Law offer law students a wide array of extracurricular opportunities to get involved in different aspects of the law, as well as community service projects and political groups. With more than 40 student organizations, students increase their knowledge in specific areas of law, gain leadership experience, and work closely with fellow students, faculty, alumni, and other legal professionals with similar passions.

2015-16 Student Leader Guidelines (.pdf)

Social Media Guidelines

Reserve A Room For Your Student Meeting

Email Policy for Student Organizations

To have your student meeting put on the Law School calendar first you will need to reserve a room for your meeting. After your room is reserved please, contact Leslie Bleichner at about student organization events. Please include in your email the organization the event is for, the event title (ex. meeting), the date, the time, the room, and a brief description of the event.

Information on student organization events will appear on the law school calendar.


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