1L Book Club

The 1L Book Club is a voluntary summer program for incoming 1L students designed to give them insight into the work ethic and skills required to have a successful law school experience. This year our text will be Joshua Foer’s New York Times Bestselling Book Moonwalking with Einstein. The book is an entertaining and informative narrative about the author’s journey from spectator to participant on the competitive memory circuit. In a series of live webinars we will discuss how the author’s journey and methods can help you achieve success in law school. Supplemental information about the webinar dates/times, how to access the webinars, and how enrolled students can obtain their free copy of Moonwalking with Einstein will be sent to each student.


The webinars will cover the following topics:


The Mental Athlete In All of Us

An introduction to the 1L Book Club and a discussion of the importance of talent and practice in achieving success. We will also cover four initial steps you can take to set yourself up for success in law school.

Acquiring New Skills

A discussion of the memorization methods described in the book and an introduction to some essential law school skills.

Mastering New Skills

An overview of the principles of deliberate practice and how you can use these methods to improve your performance in law school.

Lessons for Your First Year

A discussion of the important themes in the book and how they can help you keep your first year in perspective as well as advice for making the first few weeks of school go smoothly.



Please contact Jennifer M. Warren for additional information about the 1L Book Club.


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