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James Judd

I had Professor Conger in my second year for Legal Profession, and I didn’t really know him before that time, but during that semester I came to realize that he is the kind of man that I want to be. During the course of that semester, he fell and injured his face pretty bad, and […]

Arthur G. LeFrancois

At a Law School gala in November 2012, Bill Conger was named the recipient of the Marian P. Opala Award for Lifetime Achievement in Law. Dean Valerie Couch, Bill’s former law partner, delivered her typical homerun of an introduction—a thoughtful and moving portrait of Bill and his career, including his important contributions to the Law […]

Drew Neville

I met Bill Conger in 1965, the spring of 1965, when he appeared at my home. He was the rush chairman for the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, and he was the Pied Piper if there ever was one. In the fall of 1965, sixty-five of us, the largest pledge class in the history of the […]

Daniel J. Morgan

Sometimes friendships can be summarized by recurring themes. After over twenty years of hanging out with Bill Conger on a professional level, but most importantly on a personal one, I can tell you that mentorship was at the core of the Bill I knew. My first recollections of Bill go to the 1980s. We met […]

Paula Dalley

I got to know Bill Conger at lunch. Or rather, at a series of lunches during which we would indulge our common weakness for hamburgers. Bill introduced me to a number of fine dining spots. My favorite, I think, is the Runway Café at Wiley Post airport, but our most memorable lunch for me was […]

Construction has begun!

The renovations to the downtown Central High School building are in full swing. Soon, Oklahoma City University School of Law will join the landscape of downtown Oklahoma City. Meanwhile, Dean Valerie Couch took the ceremonial first whack at this historic move, along with faculty and staff who toured the progress. See what they had to […]

Big Campaign News!

During the Oklahoma City University School of Law annual Dean’s Holiday Reception on December 14, Dean Valerie Couch and Board Chair Ron Norick announced the public launch of the Growing Forward capital campaign. But that wasn’t all. There’s big news you won’t want to miss. Make sure to watch the short video from the holiday […]