Why Give?

“Why I Give”


Emmanuel Edem ’82



Your support is important to us — whether it comes in the form of monetary gifts, volunteering to be a part of the alumni association, or just a willingness to share your expertise with Oklahoma City University School of Law students.

So why should you give?

The fact is, a financial gift to Oklahoma City University School of Law enhances the value of your law degree.

Think about it: by helping us to advance the law school’s academic excellence, by assisting us in our efforts to expand programs and grow as an institution, by providing additional opportunities for students … your gift actually makes Oklahoma City University School of Law a stronger brand. That’s good for current students, and it’s good for you.

A common misconception among alumni of many higher education institutions is that they must wait until they’ve reached a level of financial prosperity that allows them to make a large gift.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Small and large gifts alike speak volumes and demonstrate the strong bond you have to the law school.  We want alumni to be involved at all levels of support, and we’re happy to help arrange a plan that will allow you to contribute to the law school’s success right now.

With your help, we can offer more scholarships and financial assistance to students who need it.  Your gift can ensure the future professional success of a student, and by extension the future prospects of the entire legal profession.

Supporting the School of Law connects you to the institution, it connects you to students and it gives you a voice in guiding the future of the law school, so make your gift today.

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